About us

      The idea for the creation of IIG belongs to independent trader John Whitmore. In 2005, he proposed to his colleagues Michael Rohner and Viktor Grekov that they combine their knowledge of trading for the creation and management of a large investment fund. In that same year the first investors deposited money into that fund. IIG began to grow quickly. Before the opening of this site, more than 2000 investors used our services, and our team of traders consisted of 16 people. Before 2007 IIG was only available to a limited group of people. We accepted investments of $5,000 and more. Information about IIG was circulated by acquaintances.

      In 2007 the decision was taken to create a IIG site. Specialists of the highest class in the fields of internet technology and IT-security were called upon for this purpose. The creation of the site allowed anyone to use our services who wished to. Our old clients were entered into the data base of this site and are now served online. All of this significantly expedited many processes. For example, all investments are now accepted automatically. This allows us to accept small sums. That which previously took a significant amount of time is now accomplished immediately. Now anyone can make their money work for them. We can effectively carry out trade with minimal risk. We can now develop and improve our trading strategies even more quickly. This is an excellent symbiosis in which everyone stands to win.

The founding members of our company:

John Whitmore. Born 1972.
Director and founder of IIG. Born in Germany and now lives in Ireland. Along with other company traders, he carries out active trading in the Forex and futures markets.

Michael Rohner. Born 1978.
The leading trader of the company. Born and lives in Germany. Carries out active trading at the Forex currency market.

Viktor Grekov.Born 1975
Forex trader. Born and lives in Ukraine. Also heads the financial department.

Elena Egorova. Born 1984
Support service. Administration. Born and works in Ukraine.