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User Agreement
Agreement between Intraday Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as "IIG"), and a user registered at the web-site (hereinafter the "INVESTOR").

  1. Minimum deposit is 1$, maximum is 200000$.
  2. Minimum yield per working day is 0.1%, maximum - 2%.
  3. IIG guarantees that profit gained on the INVESTOR's funds will be transferred to a account (capitalized) daily, except for Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. IIG pay the Referral commission of 6% for every amount INVESTOR's referral has deposited
  5. The INVESTOR shall have the right to anytime demand its funds, in full or in part, from its account, but not earlier than 30 days as from the moment of the last withdrawal.
  6. IIG shall withdraw funds on the client's request within 3 business days. The INVESTOR will be informed on other terms of withdrawal of funds, e.g., commission fees, at the moment of filing an order.
  7. The INVESTOR's accounts shall be replenished automatically. Should a technical error result in failure to automatically replenish a account, IIG shall replenish it within 3 business days.
  8. IIG guarantees that the INVESTOR's personal information won't be disclosed to third parties.
  9. IIG may block the INVESTOR's account because of SPAM or an attempt to system crack or fraud.
  10. IIG reserves the right to alter this agreement

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