1. What should I do, if I lost the password and/or code card for transfer of money?
  2. Send us a scanned copy of your passport or an ID card; specify your system log-in (e-mail). The copy should be of high quality, with resolution of at least 300 dots per inch.

  3. 2. How can I modify the details for withdrawal of money filled in when registering?
  4. Send us the same documents as described above, and specify new details (e-gold or WMZ) and your system log-in (e-mail).


    You cannot change the details and recover your password and/or the list of one-time codes simultaneously. You will also not be allowed to change the details if you recovered the password and/or the list of one-time codes, but withdrew no money thereafter.

    Send your documents to e-mail:

  5. 3. Why do I have no possibility to modify my personal data at the account (e-mail, name, and surname)?
  6. Your personal data cannot be modified; moreover, you won't see them at your account. But we store all the data in the data base. This is made for your personal protection, in case an unauthorized user manages to log-in to your account.

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